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Picture framer

Design, arts and crafts
Make frames to protect pictures, photos and other items so people can display them.

Planning and development surveyor

Construction and building
Lead development projects to preserve buildings and communities or give areas a new lease of life.


Construction and building
Prepare walls and ceilings for decorating so people can have attractive and safe places to live and work.


Construction and building
Fit and repair water and heating systems and appliances in homes and businesses.

Prop maker

Performing arts and media
Make the realistic-looking objects used to help set the scene in plays, films and television programmes.

Propulsion Engineer

Propulsion engineers design, build and look after systems that help aircraft fly.

Quality assurance officer

Manufacturing and production
Are you meticulous about small details? If so, you could make your living helping to keep products and services at the highest standard.

Quality control technician

Manufacturing and production
Check that products meet quality standards and are safe for customers to buy.

Quantity surveyor

Construction and building
Estimate and control the costs for a construction project so it is good value for money.

Quarry engineer

Assess a site and safely set up and run a mine or quarry. Restore the land when it closes.