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Animals, land and environment
Look after sports grounds and make sure the turf is always in top condition.

Head brewer

Manufacturing and production
Direct the beer production process in a brewery.

Heating and ventilation engineer

Install and service heating and air conditioning systems in large buildings. Help people and organisations save energy.

Horticultural worker

Animals, land and environment
Grow plants, sell plants in a garden centre or look after plants in gardens and parks.


Construction and building
Measure, saw and fix the wood inside homes, shops and bars, or build theatre and stage sets.

Land surveyor

Construction and building
Look at, measure and map an area of land to check if it can be used for an engineering and construction project.


Animals, land and environment
Construct, plant and look after gardens and parks to make pleasant environments for people to live, work and relax in.

Leakage operative

Construction and building
Find leaks in water pipes and arrange repairs to save water.

Lighting technician

Performing arts and media
Do amazing lighting effects for live concerts or TV shows and films. Set up lighting systems and operate the lights during the shows and events.


Facilities and property services
Install and fix locks to keep people’s homes and businesses secure. Help people who have accidentally locked themselves out.