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Rail engineering technician

Build and repair railway engines and carriages so people can travel in safe and comfortable trains.

Refrigeration and air conditioning engineer

Design, install and repair cooling systems in buildings so they are safe and effective.

Road worker

Construction and building
Help build and repair roads and motorways to make sure travel is easy and safe for the public.

Roadside technician

Garage services
Help people whose vehicles have broken down or won’t start. Fix the problem or get them and their vehicle to a garage.


Construction and building
Build and mend roofs to keep people warm, safe and dry in their homes and businesses.

ROV pilot technician

Operate and maintain submersible machines to safely explore the seabed and construct, repair or inspect underwater structures and equipment.

Rural surveyor

Animals, land and environment
Help farms and estates to make the most of their land. Value property and assets, advise on legal and tax issues, and plan land use.

Satellite systems technician

Set up and look after satellite systems and other communication tools.


Construction and building
Put up scaffolding to help workers to reach the top parts of buildings during construction, cleaning or renovation.

Service Designer

Design, arts and crafts
Take a love for design and invention and use it to build services that create a meaningful difference in people's lives.