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Manufacturing and production
Create custom-made (bespoke) clothing for men and women.

Technical surveyor

Construction and building
Carry out tasks to help chartered surveyors, architects and engineers.

Telecoms engineer

Set up and look after broadband, mobile phone and landline telephone networks.

Thermal insulation engineer

Fit insulation around pipes, boilers and ductwork to help them retain heat.


Manufacturing and production
Make precision tools like jigs, dies and moulds that are used by engineering craftspeople.

Town planner

Construction and building
Help to shape the way towns and cities develop and improve the environments people live in.

Track maintenance operative

Look after railways, tunnels and bridges to help keep trains running safely.

Tree surgeon

Animals, land and environment
Keep trees healthy by carrying out work including planting, care and hazard checks.

Tyre or exhaust fitter

Garage services
Replace worn or damaged tyres and exhausts on cars and other vehicles to make sure they are safe to drive.

Vehicle spray painter

Garage services
Apply the right colours and finish to cars and other vehicles to remove scratches and cover repairs.