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Merchant navy rating

Security, uniformed and protective services
Work on board a ship, doing tasks like loading cargoes, maintaining the engines and looking after passengers.

Model maker

Design, arts and crafts
Design and make scale models for film and TV shows, test out new products or show how new buildings will look.

Motor vehicle body repairer

Garage services
Fix replace broken parts in all types of vehicles so they work and are safe for people to use.

Musical instrument maker or repairer

Design, arts and crafts
Make new musical instruments or repair ones that have been damaged so people can use them to make music.

Naval architect

Design, build and repair vessels such as ships and boats, and offshore structures such as drilling platforms.

Nuclear engineer

Keep a nuclear power plant running safely and producing energy for people to use at home and at work.

Offshore drilling worker

Work as part of a team that controls and operates the drills on offshore facilities such as oil or gas rigs or drilling platforms.

Offshore roustabout

Keep the drilling equipment and area working properly on offshore facilities such as oil and gas rigs and drilling platforms.

Offshore service technician

Keep equipment and systems running efficiently and safely on an offshore platform to extract oil or gas.

Painter and decorator

Construction and building
Decorate and protect walls, ceilings and other surfaces to create pleasant places for people to live and work.