CVs and applications

Application forms, CV advice and writing your cover letter – all the information you need to help you apply for jobs.

There's plenty to think about when you're applying for a job - from CVs to application forms, cover letters and how to present yourself for an interview. It can be easy to get overwhelmed and confused by what to say about yourself. That's where My World of Work comes in.

With access to a range of careers experts, we've designed a range of resources to help you apply with confidence.

We'll walk you through the process of: 

  • CVs
  • Application forms 
  • Cover letters and personal statements 

First off, what's a CV?

It's a written description of your qualifications, strengths and work experience that you use to apply for jobs.

It tells the story of who you are, and what you can do - and it's your chance to sell yourself as someone worth employing. 

Paired with a cover letter packed full of personality, it could help you secure the job that you want.

Whether you’re creating your first one or polishing what you already have, we’ve got plenty of advice and tools to help you write your CV.

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What about application forms?

Some companies prefer application forms. They'll tell you exactly what the employer is looking for, but there's an art to filling them out. 

We'll talk you through the best way to tackle:

  • Researching the company
  • Online applications 
  • Statements to support your application

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Cover letters and personal statements

This is where you can introduce yourself to your potential employer, and add a little flash of personality to your application.

Use this as an opportunity to showcase more about the person you are, and communicate how you care about the role you're applying for. 

Whether you find it easy to write about yourself or not, our guide will support you to realise your best bits and win them over with ease.

Support to write your cover letter