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Support your child on their career journey

We've got lots of resources and steps to help parents and carers with career conversations.

Through a My World of Work account, you and your child can access our full range of support.

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What routes your child can take

There are lots of different ways for your child to start a career. We've pulled together some of them to help you both explore options.

Help your child understand their strengths, skills and interests

The more your child understand about themselves, the better they'll feel about planning their future. Our tools can help your child decide which jobs they like, complete applications and write personal statements. You can access these tools through their account - so why not try these tools together?

About me

About me

Our quick quiz can help your child find a job based on what interests them.


Your child can discover their strengths and how they can help with their career.
Skills tool


Our skills tool will help them think about their skills and where they can take them.
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If your child is not ready to make decisions

If your child is feeling overwhelmed, anxious or worried, that's okay. If they're not ready to make any decisions, that's also okay. We've got lots of resources to support their wellbeing.

Access wellbeing support

Our career service

My World of Work is part of Skills Development Scotland - Scotland's career service. Our careers advisers offer information, advice and guidance to all ages.

Our services in schools that your child can access include:

  • one-to-one coaching
  • group sessions
  • drop-in clinics for secondary school pupils

If your child is not at school anymore, there is still career support at our local career centres. Find a career centre near you and your child can arrange to speak to a career adviser.