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Manufacturing operator

Manufacturing and production
Be part of a team making goods or parts, from sorting raw materials to packing the finished products.

Manufacturing systems engineer

Design and install the equipment that will make a factory more efficient so it can make goods on time and at the right cost and quality.

Marine engineer

Design, build and repair ships, boats and offshore oil and gas platforms. Make sure their systems and machinery work effectively and safely.

Materials engineer

Test and research the materials of the future to use them in new technology and better products.

Materials technician

Run tests on materials to see how they can be used to improve products people use every day.


Garage services
Fix cars, motorbikes and other vehicles to make sure they work well and are safe for people to drive.

Mechanical engineer

Design and test components and machines like wind turbines, water pumps and medical prosthetics to help people who have mobility difficulties.

Mechanical engineering technician

Install and fix industrial machinery so it works well and is safe for people to use.

Merchant navy engineering officer

Make sure the machines and instruments on a ship work properly so the crew and passengers are safe when the vessel goes to sea.

Merchant navy rating

Security, uniformed and protective services
Work on board a ship, doing tasks like loading cargoes, maintaining the engines and looking after passengers.