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Forest manager

Animals, land and environment
Look after an area of forest to produce timber and conserve the woodland environment for people to enjoy.

Forestry worker

Animals, land and environment
Carry out practical tasks in forests and woodlands to help care for and protect the environment.

French polisher

Design, arts and crafts
Apply stains, paints and polishes by hand to complete or restore beautiful pieces of furniture.


Animals, land and environment
Care for the land used for shooting and fishing. Organise recreational shooting, deer stalking and angling.


Animals, land and environment
Look after a garden and care for the plants so people can enjoy the green space all year round.

Garment technologist

Manufacturing and production
Help turn designs into clothes that people want to buy and wear. Advise designers about different fabrics and how clothes can be efficiently made.

Gas service technician

Safely install gas heating and hot water systems. Maintain and repair the pipes, appliances and meters.

General practice surveyor

Construction and building
Tell people how much land and property is worth. Help your clients with deals to buy, sell, and rent it.


Design, arts and crafts
Manufacture glass objects like bottles, test tubes, windows and car windscreens. Or work by hand to make glasses, vases and stained glass panels.


Construction and building
Fit glass in people’s windows and doors, replace broken glass and install double glazing.