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Engineering operative

Put together different parts to make products such as cars, household appliances, gadgets and furniture.

Farm worker

Animals, land and environment
Look after animals, grow and harvest crops and operate machinery on a farm.


Animals, land and environment
Make horseshoes and attach them to horses’ hooves. Care for the animals’ feet and identify any health problems.

Fence installer

Animals, land and environment
Build and fix fences and gates for transport links like airports and roads, for secure buildings like prisons or around private gardens and farms.

Fish farm worker

Animals, land and environment
Breed and rear healthy fish and shellfish and sell them for food, for angling or for ornamental ponds.

Fishing vessel skipper

Animals, land and environment
Lead the crew of a boat that catches fish at sea. Plan the fishing trips, navigate to fishing grounds, work on deck and sell the catch to agents when back on shore.

Flight director

A flight director is the person in charge of a space mission. They stay on Earth and lead the team inside the mission control centre.


Retail and customer services
Sell flowers in a shop for people to give as gifts. Create beautiful bouquets and flower arrangements for people to enjoy at home or at special events.

Food packaging operative

Manufacturing and production
Help to prepare food and drink for sale in the shops by keeping production lines running smoothly.

Food scientist or food technologist

Science, mathematics and statistics
Test food for safety and quality and find ways to keep food fresh for longer. Or you would invent new processes and products, such as fat-free food or meat-free alternatives.