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Service engineer

Computing and ICT
Set up and fix office equipment so people can get their work done and run an organisation efficiently.

Sewing machinist

Manufacturing and production
Stitch pieces of material together to make products such as clothes and furniture.


Construction and building
Make and fit the woodwork or metalwork for shops, banks, offices, restaurants and bars.


Design, arts and crafts
Hand-paint signs for historic buildings, fairgrounds, pubs, classic vehicles, boats and more.

Site supervisor

Construction and building
Check that work on a building site is being done properly and that the workers are safe.

Smart meter installer

Fit and mend gas and electricity meters in homes and businesses.

Spacecraft communicator

Science, mathematics and statistics
Communicate with the crew of a spacecraft on a space mission. Also known as a CAPCOM or capsule communicator.


Construction and building
Use your manual skills to carve blocks of stone, or lay and fit stonework into place on building projects.

Structural engineer

Construction and building
Create and improve the structure for all kinds of building projects.


Construction and building
Help shape the world around you working in construction, property or environmental roles.