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Computer service and repair technician

Computing and ICT
Set up, maintain and repair computer systems and equipment for people to use at work and at home.

Construction operative

Construction and building
Work as part of a team on a building site to construct a building or structure safely and efficiently.

Construction plant mechanic

Construction and building
Keep machinery on a construction site, like diggers and dumper trucks, working safely, and fix them if they break down.

Construction plant operator

Construction and building
Use large machines and vehicles, like diggers and cranes, to get big jobs done for roadworks, construction demolition and in quarries and railways.

Countryside ranger

Animals, land and environment
Do practical work to look after the countryside and conserve wildlife. Help visitors enjoy the natural environment.

Cycle mechanic

Garage services
Build, repair and service all kinds of bicycles. Fix bikes for your customers and do repairs at cycling events.

Demolition operative

Construction and building
Take down buildings and structures safely and remove hazardous materials. Remove items for salvage and recycling so they can be used again.

Diver - specialist

Work underwater in the sea, rivers and lakes - fixing oil rigs, working on civil engineering projects or doing scientific research.


Design, arts and crafts
Make unique clothes for customers that fit them perfectly.

Drilling engineer

Construct wells to extract oil and gas which are effective, safe for people to operate and do not pollute the environment.