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Robotics engineer

Computing and ICT
Revolutionise the way people live and work by designing exciting new systems that can save time, money and change lives.

Set designer

Design, arts and crafts
Create the look for a theatre, television or film production.


Design, arts and crafts
Hand-paint signs for historic buildings, fairgrounds, pubs, classic vehicles, boats and more.

Sound designer

Performing arts and media
Get creative with technology or physical objects to recreate sound effects and produce soundtracks for TV and film, radio, theatre or video games.

Sports professional

Sport and leisure
Use your high level of sporting talent to compete in your chosen sport.

Stage manager

Performing arts and media
Make sure live stage performances run smoothly by managing the crew, performers and technical needs of the show.

Studio sound engineer

Performing arts and media
Make high quality recordings of music, speech and sound effects.

Stunt performer

Performing arts and media
Stand in for actors when the script calls for anything dangerous or specialised to be done on a film or TV set.


Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Check written text before it is published in newspapers, magazines and on websites.

Technical author

Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Use your specialist knowledge to make guides for users of products and systems.