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Jewellery designer-maker

Design, arts and crafts
Design jewellery with gemstones and precious metals for people to wear and admire. Design for a manufacturer or make the pieces yourself.


Animals, land and environment
Ride horses to win races for the owners and to entertain the crowds at the racetrack and watching on television.

Landscape architect

Construction and building
Design and create spaces for plants and wildlife to make towns and cities healthier and more attractive places to live.

Literary agent

Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Help authors get their work published and help publishers find good books.

Machine learning engineer

Computing and ICT
Teach a computer or machine how to take actions without being directed by humans each time.

Magazine journalist

Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Research and write features and news for magazines to inform and entertain the readers.

Medical illustrator

Design, arts and crafts
Use your artistic skills to create images for training healthcare staff and for medical research.

Model maker

Design, arts and crafts
Design and make scale models for film and TV shows, test out new products or show how new buildings will look.

Musical instrument maker or repairer

Design, arts and crafts
Make new musical instruments or repair ones that have been damaged so people can use them to make music.

Naval architect

Design, build and repair vessels such as ships and boats, and offshore structures such as drilling platforms.