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Furniture designer

Design, arts and crafts
Design attractive and practical pieces of furniture that people will buy for their homes or workplaces

Games developer

Computing and ICT
Create code for games which might be played by millions of people.


Design, arts and crafts
Manufacture glass objects like bottles, test tubes, windows and car windscreens. Or work by hand to make glasses, vases and stained glass panels.

Graphic designer

Design, arts and crafts
Use your creative skills to design the look of websites, packaging, adverts and more.


Hairdressing and beauty
Cut, colour and shape clients' hair to create the look they want.


Design, arts and crafts
Draw the pictures or diagrams used in products like adverts, book covers, greeting cards and product instructions.

Interior designer

Design, arts and crafts
Create the look for rooms in homes, offices, hotels, restaurants and shops so they are attractive places to live and work.


Help people who do not speak the same language to understand each other. Talk for them and translate their words.

IT project analyst

Computing and ICT
Pursue a career as an IT project analyst and you’ll use your technical and analytical skills to design the IT systems that bring business projects to life.

Jewellery designer-maker

Design, arts and crafts
Design jewellery with gemstones and precious metals for people to wear and admire. Design for a manufacturer or make the pieces yourself.