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Ceramics designer or maker

Design, arts and crafts
Design and produce practical and decorative items like cups, plates, bowls and tiles for people to use and admire.


Performing arts and media
Create dance routines to entertain people at live shows, events or for TV and films.

Commissioning editor

Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Find the author of the next bestseller. Successfully publish their book to make money for your company.

Community arts worker

Performing arts and media
Guide people to organise and take part in creative activities which inspire and motivate them and are positive for their community.

Concept Artist

Design, arts and crafts
Play a key role in creative projects in film, advertising and videogames –using your artistic skills to help visualise people, places, creatures and more.

Copy editor

Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Spot any errors in text written for books, journals and magazines and make changes so it is ready to be published for readers.

Costume designer

Design, arts and crafts
Design clothes and costumes for theatre, film or television productions to help make the characters feel real to the audience.

Dance teacher

Performing arts and media
Teach people how to dance, from school pupils, adults and pensioners to professional dance students. Coach them for exams and organise dance performances.


Performing arts and media
Use movement to interpret music, tell stories and express emotion. Dance for live audiences or in recorded performances for television, film or music videos.

Design engineer

Come up with the products of the future, making things that people use everyday more efficient, reliable and useful.