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TV or film camera operator

Performing arts and media
Use film or digital video cameras to shoot films, TV shows, adverts and music videos.

TV or film director

Performing arts and media
Take charge of the production of a film or TV programme and make the creative decisions that will guide the crew.

TV or film producer

Performing arts and media
Look after the business side of TV or film productions.

TV or film production assistant

Performing arts and media
Take care of many of the practical tasks behind great films and TV programmes.

TV or film sound technician

Performing arts and media
Record, mix and check the voices and background noise on a TV or film shoot in a studio or on location.

TV presenter

Performing arts and media
Introduce and host TV programmes, interview people and report on issues and events.

User experience (UX) designer

Design, arts and crafts
Use research to understand users and help design physical or digital products that are useful and easy to use.

VFX artist

Performing arts and media
As a VFX artist you’d use software to create animations and special effects.

Video editor

Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Bring together pictures and sound to produce a finished piece for film, TV or the internet.

Virtual reality designer

Computing and ICT
Design people, places, tasks and experiences, then work with a developer to turn it into an immersive experience that blurs the lines of reality.