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DevSecOps developer

Computing and ICT
Create software applications that outsmart hackers – by making security a priority from the very start. An eye for detail and plenty of teamwork will get you far.


Performing arts and media
Entertain people and get them dancing by playing music in clubs, at events, or on the radio.


Performing arts and media
Share your talents with an audience, explore your creativity and meet lots of new people. This is the varied and exciting world of entertainment.


Design equipment and workplaces which are easier and more comfortable for people to use.

Exhibition designer

Design, arts and crafts
Create attractive display stands for companies to show off their products or services at conferences and events.

Fashion designer

Design, arts and crafts
Design the popular clothes sold in high street shops or make the glamorous creations worn by actors, pop stars and celebrities.

Fashion model

Hairdressing and beauty
Wear clothing and accessories to promote them to fashion buyers, customers and the media in live fashion shows or in photos.

Fine artist

Design, arts and crafts
Create original works of art for people to buy and enjoy in their homes, workplaces and public spaces.


Retail and customer services
Sell flowers in a shop for people to give as gifts. Create beautiful bouquets and flower arrangements for people to enjoy at home or at special events.


Sport and leisure
Play football to entertain the fans and gain success for your team. Keep yourself fit and healthy and constantly practice to improve your skills.