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Performing arts and media
Entertain people by performing as a character in a story on stage or on film, television or radio.

Aerospace engineer

Design and build aeroplanes, helicopters, spacecraft, satellites, missiles and rockets to make them safe and efficient.


Design, arts and crafts
Create drawings, models or 3D computer images to bring characters and stories to life in animated films, games and cartoons.

App developer

Computing and ICT
Create apps for computers, smartphones, tablets, or games. Design and develop innovative software for people all over the world to interact with.

AR/VR programmer

Computing and ICT
Create immersive digital experiences that make it possible for users to explore virtual worlds. You’ll use sophisticated software and all your programming know-how to entertain or educate.


Construction and building
Design new buildings and restore old ones to give people practical, attractive, energy efficient and safe places in which to live and work.

Artificial intelligence engineer

Animals, land and environment
Solve problems by using data and technology to build AI systems.

Audio-visual technician

Computing and ICT
Set up and operate the multimedia systems and equipment to make conferences, exhibitions and events successful and exciting.

Broadcast engineer

Performing arts and media
Set up and operate the equipment to get TV and radio programmes out at the right time and without interruptions.

Broadcast journalist

Performing arts and media
Investigate news events and present the story on television, radio or the internet to tell people what’s happened.