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Accountant - Management

Financial services
Make sure a company keeps track of its money, bills and payments. Help the business grow and make a profit.

Accountant - Private practice

Financial services
Provide services to help people and businesses manage their money effectively.

Accountant - Public finance

Financial services
Help a public organisation to manage its finances so taxpayers know that their money is being spent properly.

Accounting technician

Financial services
Make sure a business pays its taxes and bills and that the employees get their wages on time.

Accounts assistant

Financial services
Supporting an accountant with their day-to-day tasks, organisation is key in this job.


Financial services
Analyse numbers and big data to help businesses and governments predict the future.

Administrative officer (courts)

Legal and court services
Organise information and paperwork for law courts and tribunals to make sure the Scottish justice system runs efficiently.


Administration, business and management
Run an organised and efficient office so your colleagues can get their work done.

Advertising account executive

Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Help businesses and organisations reach their customers by organising successful advertising campaigns.

Advertising account planner

Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Do the research to understand why people to buy things and then create an advertising strategy that connects a business with its customers.