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Finance manager

Financial services

Financial adviser

Financial services
Advise people about how to make the most of their money so they can plan for the future.

Flight dispatcher

Transport, distribution and logistics
Make sure a plane is prepared for a flight so it can leave safely and on time.

Forklift truck operator

Transport, distribution and logistics
Move goods in and out of a storage warehouse to get the right deliveries to businesses and individuals.

Freight forwarder

Transport, distribution and logistics
Organise the transportation of goods and cargo around the UK and overseas for your customers.

Health records clerk

Administration, business and management
Keep patients’ medical records up to date so that doctors can easily get get the information they need when treating a person.

Health service manager

Administration, business and management
Lead and organise staff and services so that a local community gets high quality, value-for-money healthcare.

Highways cleaner

Facilities and property services
Clean streets and remove litter and rubbish from public areas to keep towns and cities pleasant and safe places to live.

Hospital porter

Help patients in hospital to move around the building. Deliver vital supplies and equipment to keep the hospital running smoothly.

Hotel manager

Hospitality, catering and tourism
Oversee all aspects of running a hotel so guests can enjoy their stay and the hotel makes a profit.