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Construction manager

Construction and building
Direct operations on a construction project to make sure it’s completed safely, on time and within the budget.


Social work and caring services
Help people understand their feelings and choices so they can find their own ways to make positive changes to their lives.

Counter service assistant

Hospitality, catering and tourism
Serve food and drinks to customers, take money and give people their change. Keep the cafe, sandwich shop or fast-food restaurant clean and welcoming.

Countryside ranger

Animals, land and environment
Do practical work to look after the countryside and conserve wildlife. Help visitors enjoy the natural environment.


Transport, distribution and logistics
Collect packages and letters using a van, motorbike or bike. Deliver the items as quickly as possible.

Credit manager

Financial services
Decide whether your company should lend money to a person or business or let them have goods and services before they have paid for them.

Criminal intelligence analyst

Security, uniformed and protective services
Analyse data to spot patterns and networks of criminal activity and plan ways to tackle and stop crime.

Customer service adviser

Retail and customer services
Help customers with their enquiries and tasks. Be friendly, helpful and patient so people get a good impression of the company you work for.

Data scientist

Science, mathematics and statistics
Find patterns in raw data to help solve problems or make predictions.

Delivery van driver

Transport, distribution and logistics
Collect goods, load them into a van and deliver them to customers on time.