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Diplomatic service officer

Administration, business and management
Represent the United Kingdom in another country, develop UK foreign policy and assist British citizens when they are abroad.

Domestic energy assessor

Construction and building
Help ensure people’s homes stay safe, warm and energy efficient to keep our environment safe.

Dynamic positioning operator

Transport, distribution and logistics
Use a computer system to keep a ship in one position so it’s safe to load supplies to an offshore platform, do drilling or lay pipes on the seabed.

Economic development officer

Administration, business and management
Work on projects to bring businesses and facilities to an area and create jobs for local people.


Financial services
Help governments to develop policies and businesses to plan financial strategies for the future.

Estate agent

Retail and customer services
Help people sell their houses and find new homes. Negotiate between buyers and sellers.

Event coordinator

Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Plan and organise exciting events for different organisations. Publicise the events and make sure they are successful.

Events manager

Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Organise all sorts of special events, making sure they run smoothly and everyone has a great time.

Facilities manager

Facilities and property services
Make sure that buildings are well-maintained and meet the needs of the people who work there.

Farm manager

Animals, land and environment
Run a farm. Plan crops and livestock, manage the farm workers, control the budget and buy and sell the farm produce.