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Catering manager

Hospitality, catering and tourism
Lead a team to make and serve tasty food to people in schools and hospitals or at special events.

Charity fundraiser

Administration, business and management
Organise events and persuade people to donate to raise as much money as you can to pay for your charity’s work.


Hospitality, catering and tourism
Make delicious food for people to enjoy in a restaurant, cafe or bar. Cook the food to order and present it for the waiting staff to serve to the customers.

Civil service administrative officer

Administration, business and management
Provide vital public services. Give people information, answer their questions and decide which public services can help them.

Civil service executive officer

Administration, business and management
Manage the directorates and agencies that apply government policies and provide a wide range of important public services.

Claims adjuster

Financial services
Investigate accidents and damage to people’s property or businesses. Decide how much money the insurance company should pay in compensation.


Facilities and property services
Clean buildings and vehicles to keep them safe and pleasant places for people to live in, visit and use.

Commercial energy assessor

Construction and building
Test the energy efficiency of commercial buildings – like shopping centres, cinemas and offices. Make a positive impact on the environment.

Company secretary

Administration, business and management
Make sure that your company and its directors follow company law and meet financial regulations.


Heritage, culture and libraries
Save works of art and historic objects for future generations. Use special techniques to preserve and restore them from disintegration.