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Business continuity specialist

Administration, business and management
Help companies protect themselves against any events that could put them out of business – from staff shortages to data hacks.

Business development manager

Administration, business and management
Source new clients, develop relationships, generate business interest through advertising, calls potential clients, and networking.


Manufacturing and production
Prepare meat and poultry so it’s safe to eat and sell it in shops, supermarkets or at local markets.

Cake decorator

Hospitality, catering and tourism
Design and decorate wonderful cakes to celebrate birthdays, weddings and other special occasions.

Call centre operator

Retail and customer services
Answer people’s questions and sort out their problems with friendly advice and information on the phone and by email.

Car rental agent

Administration, business and management
Help people hire cars and vans so they can get out and about on business and holidays.

Car salesperson

Retail and customer services
Sell people new and used cars by showing them the car and explaining its special features.

Car valet

Garage services
Make sure people’s cars are clean and shiny inside and out.

Care service manager

Social work and caring services
Make sure people in need are cared for with dignity, respect and compassion.


Facilities and property services
Check and repair buildings like schools, community centres and flats so they are safe and clean for people who use them.