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Advertising copywriter

Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Write original and compelling words for adverts in print, online and on radio and TV to persuade people to buy your clients' goods or services.

Air cabin crew

Hospitality, catering and tourism
Look after airline passengers and make sure they are comfortable and safe during a flight.

Airline customer service agent

Hospitality, catering and tourism
Make sure that passengers and their luggage get on to the right aeroplane safely and on time.

Airport baggage handler

Transport, distribution and logistics
Load passengers' luggage on and off planes and around the airport so everything gets to its destination safely and securely.

Airport information assistant

Hospitality, catering and tourism
Give passengers in an airport accurate information about flights and services and clear directions so they can get to departure gates on time.

Antique dealer

Retail and customer services
Buy and sell beautiful old objects and furniture so that people can enjoy and re-use them.

Art gallery curator

Design, arts and crafts
Organise exhibitions to attract visitors to a gallery where they can enjoy beautiful art.

Arts administrator

Performing arts and media
Organise exciting events like festivals, plays and concerts to entertain and thrill audiences.


Hospitality, catering and tourism
Make bread, cakes and pastries for shops and supermarkets or sell your hand-made loaves in a small bakery or delicatessen.

Bank manager

Financial services
Run a branch of a high street bank and lead the team of customer advisers to help people with their money.