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Driving examiner

Transport, distribution and logistics
Test people’s driving skills and decide whether they are safe to get their full driving licence.

Driving instructor

Transport, distribution and logistics
Teach people how to drive safely and get the skills they need to pass their driving test.

Early years practitioner

Social work and caring services
Work with babies and young children from birth until primary school age, helping them to learn in a safe, happy environment.

Early years teacher

Education and training
Help babies and young children learn and develop. Do fun activities to teach them numbers, words and more about the world around them.

Educational psychologist

Social sciences and religion
Help children and young people with problems in learning, additional support needs or emotional behavioural issues.

EFL teacher

Education and training
Help adults to learn or improve their skills in English and their knowledge of British culture.

Fitness instructor

Sport and leisure
Lead people in exercise activities, advise them on healthy eating and motivate them to get fitter and healthier.

Forensic psychologist

Find out why people commit crimes. Help offenders to make positive changes in their behaviour.

Funeral director

Social work and caring services
Help bereaved families with the arrangements for funerals. Give people advice and support at a distressing time.

Further education lecturer

Education and training
Help teenagers and adults learn new skills and get qualifications to improve their job prospects.