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Alternative therapies
Offer people health advice and remedies based on the idea of naturopathy.

Nurse - Adult

Care for adults who are sick, injured or disabled and support them and their families when they are anxious and upset.

Nurse - Child

Look after sick, injured or disabled children and teenagers. Help them with practical care, and comfort them and their families when they are distressed.

Nurse - Learning Disability

Support people with learning disabilities to enjoy good health and live as independently as possible.

Nurse - Mental Health

Care for people with mental health problems. Help them recover from illness or adapt to their condition and get the support they need.

Occupational psychologist

Social sciences and religion
Use psychology to improve people’s job satisfaction and productivity.

Occupational therapist

Motivate and support people to overcome disabilities caused by physical or mental illness, an accident or ageing.

Occupational therapy support worker

Support people to do day-to-day activities that may be difficult for them because of a disability.

Offshore medic

Treat people working on an oil or gas rig for injuries and illnesses. Make sure that everyone is fit for work.

Operating department practitioner

Care for patients before, during and after an operation and make sure that everything is prepared for the surgical team.