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Clinical perfusionist

Keep people alive during heart surgery or liver transplants. Work the heart-lung machines that keep oxygen and blood circulating during the operation.

Clinical psychologist

Help people with mental and emotional difficulties make positive changes in their thinking and behaviour.

Community arts worker

Performing arts and media
Guide people to organise and take part in creative activities which inspire and motivate them and are positive for their community.

Community development worker

Social work and caring services
Work with local people, including young people, to improve life in their local area.

Community education coordinator

Education and training
Open up learning to people who missed out at school by organising new opportunities for education. Support them to take part whatever their circumstances.

Counselling psychologist

Social sciences and religion
Help people who have had difficult experiences or mental health issues to change their feelings and behaviour for the better.

Crematorium technician

Social work and caring services
Make sure cremations go smoothly so that bereaved families can say goodbye to their loved ones.

Dance movement psychotherapist

Help people deal with their emotional, psychological and physical issues. Guide them to use dance and movement to express their thoughts and feelings.

Dental hygienist

Encourage children and adults to keep their teeth and gums healthy, and give people some dental treatments.

Dental nurse

Help people feel comfortable when they visit the dentist. Assist the dentist to give treatments and other patient care.