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Assistance dog trainer

Animals, land and environment
Train the special dogs who help people with disabilities or medical conditions to enjoy independent lives.


Help people to hear better by testing their hearing and finding the right solution for each individual.

Care home practitioner

Social work and caring services
Look after vulnerable adults living in care homes. Help them to reach their full potential.

Care service manager

Social work and caring services
Make sure people in need are cared for with dignity, respect and compassion.

Care support worker

Social work and caring services
Support people who have difficulties with daily activities like dressing, shopping and housework.

Careers adviser

Education and training
Help people make good choices for their education, training and jobs. Get them into work they will enjoy and do well.

Cemetery worker

Animals, land and environment
Prepare graves so bereaved families can say goodbye to their loved one at a funeral. Keep the cemetery tidy for when people visit to remember the person.


Social work and caring services
Look after people’s children in your own home whilst their parents are at work or studying.


You would help people with aches, pains and injuries feel better by using your hands to move and adjust their joints and bones.

Classroom assistant

Education and training
Work closely with teachers to encourage children and young people to enjoy learning in a safe and caring environment.