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Hospital porter

Help patients in hospital to move around the building. Deliver vital supplies and equipment to keep the hospital running smoothly.

Housing officer

Social work and caring services
Find a home for people who want to rent a house from a council or housing association. Look after properties and support the tenants.


Alternative therapies
Use hypnosis to help people make positive changes to their thinking and behaviour.

IT trainer

Computing and ICT
Show people how to make the most of their computers and teach them how to use different systems.

Kennel worker

Animals, land and environment
Care for dogs and cats when their owners are away or if they have been abandoned. Make sure they’re happy and healthy.

Learning support assistant

Education and training
Help children and young people who need special support to make the most of education, and assist teachers in the classroom.

Medical herbalist

Alternative therapies
Use remedies made from plants to treat people with medical conditions.


Guide a mother to bring her baby safely into the world. Help her through this emotional and physical experience before, during and after the birth.

Music therapist

Use music and sound to help improve people's emotional wellbeing, relieve stress and improve their confidence.


Social work and caring services
Work in an employer’s home, looking after their children and making sure they are happy and healthy.