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Health promotion specialist

Motivate and educate people to improve their health. Run promotional campaigns to raise awareness of health issues.

Health psychologist

Social sciences and religion
Work to change behaviour that affects people's health. Study the psychological effects of illness and care for patients under stress.

Health visitor

Visit people in their homes and give them information, practical care and support to help them stay healthy.

Healthcare assistant

Help ill people with their practical daily tasks, either in hospital or in a patient's own home.

Higher education lecturer

Education and training
Teach students and help them with research using your knowledge of an academic subject or profession. Do conference presentations and publish research.


Alternative therapies
See people with health conditions and give them alternative remedies based on the idea of homeopathy.

Horse groom

Animals, land and environment
Look after horses; make sure they are healthy and in good condition for riding, racing or show jumping.

Horse riding coach

Animals, land and environment
Teach people of all ages and abilities how to ride horses for enjoyment and for competitions.

Hospital doctor

Examine and treat hospital patients. Save lives and improve people’s health.

Hospital porter

Help patients in hospital to move around the building. Deliver vital supplies and equipment to keep the hospital running smoothly.