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Accommodation warden

Facilities and property services
Support people who stay in sheltered housing, youth hostels and student residences and make sure the building is safe and clean for them.


Alternative therapies
Treat people's health concerns by inserting very fine needles into pressure points on their body.

Ambulance care assistant

Look after elderly and disabled people by driving them safely to their hospital appointments and taking them home afterwards.

Ambulance paramedic

Respond rapidly to emergency calls to treat people injured in accidents or affected by sudden illnesses.

Ambulance technician

Drive an ambulance to emergencies and help paramedics treat sick and injured people.

Anatomical pathology technician

Find answers for bereaved families by helping doctors discover how and why a person died.

Animal care worker

Animals, land and environment
Look after all sorts of animals in kennels, catteries or rescue centres and make sure they're happy and healthy.

Animal technician

Animals, land and environment
Contribute to research into cures for diseases by caring for and monitoring the animals used in medical or veterinary experiments.


Hairdressing and beauty
Help people feel more relaxed and positive by giving them a massage with aromatic oils you mix specially for each person.

Art therapist

Help people use art as a way to express themselves and come to terms with upsetting experiences and problems.