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Investment banker

Financial services
Help businesses raise funds for expansion by connecting them with other companies or wealthy people who have money to invest.

Payroll administrator

Financial services
Be responsible for preparing and processing the payroll for employees within an organisation.

Claims adjuster

Financial services
Investigate accidents and damage to people’s property or businesses. Decide how much money the insurance company should pay in compensation.

Insurance risk surveyor

Financial services
Check buildings, machinery and other possessions that people want to protect with insurance. Spot dangers and explain how to make things safer.

Tax inspector

Financial services
Investigate cases to make sure the correct amount of tax is being paid and that fraud has not taken place.

Local government revenues officer

Administration, business and management
Collect the money needed to pay for local public services. Help people make the right contributions and get the financial help they're entitled to.

Company secretary

Administration, business and management
Make sure that your company and its directors follow company law and meet financial regulations.

Compliance officer

Administration, business and management
You’d be responsible for making sure that a company is following any outside regulations and internal policies. These might come from industry bodies, international standards organisations, or even the government.

Local government officer

Administration, business and management
Plan and supervise important services like education and housing to make sure that people get good services that meet their needs.

Administrative officer (courts)

Legal and court services
Organise information and paperwork for law courts and tribunals to make sure the Scottish justice system runs efficiently.