Strengths factsheet

A guide to Strengths and how it works, so that you can help individuals using the quiz.

About 4 mins


Strengths is an easy-to-use quiz to help individuals identify their strengths and learn more about themselves.

It is designed to help people be aware of and understand their personal strengths, and make decisions about their future. 

Strengths results can be used across My World of Work to help users find careers, vacancies, courses, Modern Apprenticeships and industries which suit them.


Strengths has been co-developed with Dr Alex Linley at CAPP (Centre for Applied Positive Psychology), a leading strengths-based people management consultancy.

There are three sections, with 24 questions in each, which ask the individual to indicate how much they agree or disagree with statements relating to:

  • ‘how well I do things’
  • ‘how often I do things’
  • ‘how much I enjoy things’

Each statement should be answered as honestly as possible and the user should go with their first instinct. There are no right or wrong answers.

At the end of the quiz individuals will see their strengths profile, broken down into two areas – ‘strengths that I use often’ and ‘strengths I use less often’.

Results will also include and highlight key strength themes where individuals can read about their strength themes and get some suggestions that may help them make the most of their strengths.

There are five strengths themes referred to in My Strengths. These are:

  • Valuing: Strengths of valuing are about our way of being in the world and what is important to us. There are five strengths of valuing: Curiosity, Moral Compass, Responsible, Pride and Service
  • Communicating: Strengths of communicating are about how we give and receive information. There are three strengths of communicating: Debater, Explainer and Writer
  • Motivating: Strengths of motivating are about the things that drive us toward action. There are five strengths of Motivating: Competitive, Hard Worker, Improver, Motivator and Resilience
  • Relating: Strengths of relating are about how we relate to others. There are four strengths of relating: Compassion, Emotional Awareness, Supportive and Persuasion
  • Thinking: Strengths of thinking are about what we pay attention to and how we approach situations. There are seven strengths of thinking: Creativity, Decision Maker, Detail, Orderly, Organiser, Prevention and Problem Solver

Features & benefits


  • Quick and easy to use (about 10-15 minutes to complete the quiz) – and it’s completely free
  • Developed with CAPP and is exclusively available to SDS customers
  • Re-do the quiz as often as they like
  • Results are automatically saved into their account and progress can be saved at any stage so users can leave and return to it later
  • Strengths are linked with information across My World of Work, from career suggestions to job vacancies, Modern Apprenticeships and courses – so they can understand how Strengths can help them in their career


  • Provides greater self-awareness of what strengths are and helps to build confidence
  • Supports individuals with their decision making
  • Users can complete the tool at their own pace with the save and exit feature
  • Supporting articles and videos bring strengths to life and demonstrate how other people have applied their strengths
  • Supports individuals who are looking to review their life, work and learning plans


Will other people be able to see my strengths report?

No, only you will be able to view your report.

How do I save my report?

You can save your full strengths report by selecting the ‘download my report’ button at the bottom of the results page and either opening or saving the pdf file. You can also email or print your report. We will also store your results page when you click 'save and exit' so that you can view it again at any time by going back to My Strengths and selecting the ‘view results’ button.

Can I pick more than one answer to a question?

No, you can only pick one answer per question. There are no right or wrong answers – just choose the response that feels most relevant to you.

What is the difference between a strength and a skill?

A strength is something you're naturally good at, like organising or being at ease talking to people. A skill is something you gain with learning and experience, like knowing how to work a till or give a presentation.

What is My Employability? 

On your report you'll have a section titled My Employability. Employability is all about being 'work ready' - it helps you to secure a great job and succeed at work. There are six different aspects to your employability which are based on your results in Strengths.

These are: Positive Attitude, Self-management, Teamworking, Problem Solving, Business and Customer Awareness and Entrepreneurship and Enterprise.