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Science, mathematics and statistics
Join the quest to understand the inner workings of the brain. Your research could lead to the next big breakthrough in treating brain disease and mental illness.


Animals, land and environment
Study the seas and oceans to help us learn more about the marine environment, plants and animals.


Diagnose, prevent, treat and study illness by looking at cells and tissue samples from patients and dead bodies.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Research new drugs and medicines, and make sure they are used safely.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Study the world around us and the scientific laws that make objects behave as they do.

Software developer

Computing and ICT
Design and build computer programs for organisations.

Software engineer

Computing and ICT
Create, maintain, test and improve information systems to meet the needs of a business

Solution architect

Computing and ICT
Use innovation and your knowledge of technology to solve business problems. Consult with clients to consider the best option to improve their IT systems.

Sport and exercise scientist

Sport and leisure
Use your scientific knowledge of the human body to help people improve their sporting performance and health.

Systems analyst

Computing and ICT
Examine and improve IT systems and processes.