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Science, mathematics and statistics
Study plants to find out how to help them grow. Discover which plants to use to make food and medicines.

Broadcast engineer

Performing arts and media
Set up and operate the equipment to get TV and radio programmes out at the right time and without interruptions.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Work out how to use chemicals and materials to make new medicines, create better food and protect the environment.

Clinical engineer

Create medical technology to help injured and disabled people enjoy better health and greater independence.

Data analyst

Science, mathematics and statistics
Collect and analyse data to predict future trends and patterns.

Database administrator

Computing and ICT
Plan and build computer systems to hold vital information for organisations. Make sure the systems are secure and work properly.

DevSecOps developer

Computing and ICT
Create software applications that outsmart hackers – by making security a priority from the very start. An eye for detail and plenty of teamwork will get you far.

Digital strategist

Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Plan and build digital campaigns to connect companies with their customers.

Ethical hacker

Computing and ICT
Help protect company networks and computers from malicious attacks by carrying out security testing using 'hacking' techniques.

Food scientist or food technologist

Science, mathematics and statistics
Test food for safety and quality and find ways to keep food fresh for longer. Or invent new processes and products like fat-free food.