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Ethical hacker

Computing and ICT
Help protect company networks and computers from malicious attacks by carrying out security testing using 'hacking' techniques.

Food scientist or food technologist

Science, mathematics and statistics
Test food for safety and quality and find ways to keep food fresh for longer. Or you would invent new processes and products, such as fat-free food or meat-free alternatives.

Forensic computer analyst

Computing and ICT
Investigate cyber crime to protect people from hackers, thieves and terrorists.

Forensic scientist

Science, mathematics and statistics
Help solve crimes by finding evidence that links a suspect to a crime scene.

Games developer

Computing and ICT
Create code for games which might be played by millions of people.

Games tester

Computing and ICT
Play console or online games many times to spot any bugs and mistakes that need to be fixed before the game goes on sale to the public.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Do scientific research to understand and treat diseases in people, animals and plants. Discover more about how living organisms survive and develop.


Animals, land and environment
Study the structure of the Earth to find new sources of oil, gas, minerals and water. Help protect people who live in places with volcanoes and earthquakes.

Infrastructure engineer

Computing and ICT
Design the IT foundations that businesses, public facilities and cities rely on. You’ll use your knowledge of hardware and cloud systems to meet your users’ every need.

IT project analyst

Computing and ICT
Pursue a career as an IT project analyst and you’ll use your technical and analytical skills to design the IT systems that bring business projects to life.