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AR/VR programmer

Computing and ICT
Create immersive digital experiences that make it possible for users to explore virtual worlds. You’ll use sophisticated software and all your programming know-how to entertain or educate.


Heritage, culture and libraries
Dig up buildings and objects from the past and share what you learn from them so people can learn more about history.


Heritage, culture and libraries
Organise collections of historical records and documents so that they are easy for people to study and enjoy.

Artificial intelligence engineer

Animals, land and environment
Solve problems by using data and technology to build AI systems.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Fly into space to do scientific research that reveals more about the secrets of our universe.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Look at stars, planets and galaxies to help us understand more about how the universe works.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Astrophysicists answer the big questions of the universe by studying the behaviour of objects in space.

Big data engineer

Computing and ICT
Work at the cutting edge of technology and maths and use your analytical skills to solve complex problems.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Do research into living cells to learn more about diseases or develop new drugs, medicines and crops.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Study living things like plants and animals to increase our knowledge about them, the environment and genetics.