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Legal and court services
Provide legal services and advice in a specific area of the law and help solicitors with their work.

Patent attorney

Legal and court services
Help people protect their rights when they invent a new product, design or process.

Patient transport service controller

Arrange transport for people who have no other way of getting to health appointments safely and on time.

Pest control technician

Animals, land and environment
Identify, control and get rid of pests like rodents or insects so they don’t live in people’s homes or workplaces.

Police officer

Security, uniformed and protective services
Maintain law and order, investigate crimes, make arrests, give evidence in court and work on projects to prevent crime.

Prison governor

Security, uniformed and protective services
Lead a team keeping people secure and cared for in a prison, remand centre or young offenders' institution. Help prisoners prepare for life outside prison.

Prison officer

Security, uniformed and protective services
Supervise people who are in prison to ensure they are secure and looked after. Help them change their behaviour to improve their lives.

Private investigator

Security, uniformed and protective services
Carry out secret enquiries for your clients to find out information and check facts.

Procurator fiscal

Legal and court services
Present cases in court to bring criminals to justice. Investigate sudden and unexplained deaths.

Quality manager

Manufacturing and production
Quality managers are employed by an organisation to ensure that the product or service they provide meets all internal and external requirements.