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Environmental health officer

Administration, business and management
Make sure that the places where people live, work and have fun are safe, healthy and hygienic. Protect them from pollution, unsafe food and pests.

European Union official

Administration, business and management
Help to create policies and laws for the European Union and make sure the laws are applied in the member countries.


Security, uniformed and protective services
Protect and save people and property from fire and other dangers, by responding to emergency situations. Give people advice to help prevent fires.

Health and safety adviser

Administration, business and management
Keep people safe from injuries, accidents and health problems in the workplace.

Immigration officer

Security, uniformed and protective services
Check that people who arrive in the UK are allowed to come here. Make sure people stick to the rules about living and working in this country.

Judge or sheriff

Legal and court services
Oversee a court to ensure that people accused of breaking the law are treated fairly. Make judgements based on the evidence and the law.


Sport and leisure
Keep people safe at swimming pools, beaches, rivers and lakes. Take charge in emergencies and rescue people from drowning.

Member of Parliament (MP)

Administration, business and management
Be the voice of your community in debates about laws and issues. Make new laws to improve people’s lives and help solve individual problems.

Merchant navy deck officer

Security, uniformed and protective services
Navigate across the world’s oceans to ensure your ship’s crew and cargo arrives safely at their destination.

Merchant navy rating

Security, uniformed and protective services
Work on board a ship, doing tasks like loading cargoes, maintaining the engines and looking after passengers.