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Conservation Officer

Construction and building


Social work and caring services
Help people understand their feelings and choices so they can find their own ways to make positive changes to their lives.

Countryside officer

Animals, land and environment
Make it easy and enjoyable for people to visit the countryside. Explain more to them about nature and wildlife and protect the environment for future generations.

Court officer

Legal and court services
Help to ensure the work of the law courts in Scotland is conducted in an orderly and efficient manner.

Customs officer

Security, uniformed and protective services
Check that people arriving at UK borders do not bring in or take out banned goods. Stop smuggling and illegal trade.


Arrange transport for people who have no other way of getting to health appointments safely and on time.


Animals, land and environment
Help to protect and restore the natural environment. Explore the effects of human behaviour on the environment and on animal ecosystems.

Emergency medical dispatcher

Send the right kind of help to people in medical emergencies. Get as much information as you can to the paramedics.

Environmental consultant

Animals, land and environment
Assess the impact of industry on the environment and tell businesses how to be greener.

Environmental health officer

Animals, land and environment
Make sure that the places where people live, work and have fun are safe, healthy and hygienic. Protect them from pollution, unsafe food and pests.