Leaving school this summer?

25/06/2018 08:00

What now?

If you’re getting ready to leave school you might be asking yourself just that. You’re probably excited to finish up with your classes. But it’s also natural to feel a bit worried about what happens next.

Luckily My World of Work is full of advice and information which could help.

I think I know what I want to do

That’s great! We can help you decide how to get there.

Want to learn about something? Check out:

  • Information on college and university – so you can decide if either are right for you
  • Our course search, which lets you find courses across Scotland
  • The funding section, where you can find out about funding for courses
  • apprenticeships.scot, for information on how you can learn as you earn with a Modern Apprenticeships and to search for MA vacancies

Want a job? Check out:

Want to start your own business?

I don’t have a clue what I want to do!

Don’t panic. My World of Work is designed to help you think through some of your options.

Use the sections in your account to tell us about your skills, strengths, ambition, interests, education and experience.

As you build up your account, we can start showing you job suggestions which might suit you. As well as getting information about the jobs you can find out what kind of qualifications you might need, what the wider industry is like, and what skills employers are looking for.

Remember to update your email address on your account after you leave school, in case you signed up using your school email.

You can also try:

  • Getting some work experience or voluntary experience. This can help you decide if a particular kind of job is right for you
  • Taking a year out. You could use a gap year to travel, work, learn, volunteer and get a better perspective on what you want to do

I’d like to discuss my options

If you’re still at school, you can talk to the careers adviser in your school about what to do next.

If you’ve left already, you can still get in touch with Skills Development Scotland for support. Advisers at your nearest SDS advice centre can help you find what you're good at, explore jobs to suit your strengths and give information on training and new skills.

They can also support you with applications, your CV, interviews and recruitment events.

Call us on 0800 917 8000 or use the centre search to get in touch.