Where your option choices can take you

Making your option choices is likely to be the first big decision you’ll make at school. It might sound scary, but it’s exciting too as you’re in charge.

where could your subject choices take you

How our Option Choices tool can help you

Our Option Choices tool can help you make the decision by exploring where your subjects can take you. You can:  

  • choose up to 6 subjects, including Foundation Apprenticeships 
  • explore job profiles and industries where the subjects you’ve chosen could be useful 
  • refine your search by what you're most interested in  
  • bookmark subject combinations, we'll save them in your account  
  • use the tool as many times as you’d like to explore different options 

You can also try our About Me, Strengths and Skills Explorer tools. The more tools you complete, the better career suggestions we can give. 

If you need more advice, have a look at how to choose your school subjects.

Option Choices tool

Try our Option Choices tool and see where your subjects could be useful