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Help people who need an artificial limb or a support for part of their body. Design and fit devices to improve their lives.

Refrigeration and air conditioning engineer

Design, install and repair cooling systems in buildings so they are safe and effective.

Teacher - Primary School

Education and training
Teach primary school children, help them enjoy learning and encourage them to be confident about their abilities.

Teacher - Secondary school - Computing

Education and training
Teach young people how to develop computing skills and an understanding of how computer systems work.

Artificial intelligence engineer

Animals, land and environment
Solve problems by using data and technology to build AI systems.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Research, design and publish maps on paper and online that people can use to find their way around.

Content designer

Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Research your users and design video, images, writing and audio to meet their needs.


Performing arts and media
Share your talents with an audience, explore your creativity and meet lots of new people. This is the varied and exciting world of entertainment.

Games tester

Computing and ICT
Play console or online games many times to spot any bugs and mistakes that need to be fixed before the game goes on sale to the public.