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Digital strategist

Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Plan and build digital campaigns to connect companies with their customers.

Web editor

Computing and ICT
Write and publish pages on a website. Present the content in the best way for the audience.


Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Investigate events, get the facts and communicate these to the public.

Learning technologist

Education and training
Apply your tech knowledge to help modernise education methods. As a learning technologist you’ll enhance the lives of teachers and students alike.

Teacher - Secondary school - Design and technology

Education and training
Encourage, motivate and inspire young people to design and make objects that have a practical use, using a variety of techniques.

IT support technician

Computing and ICT
Find and fix people’s computer and IT equipment problems. Set up and test new equipment to make sure it works.

Audio-visual technician

Computing and ICT
Set up and operate the multimedia systems and equipment to make conferences, exhibitions and events successful and exciting.

Cyber security analyst

Computing and ICT
Protect businesses and organisations from cyber threats using cutting-edge technology.

Broadcast engineer

Performing arts and media
Set up and operate the equipment to get TV and radio programmes out at the right time and without interruptions.

Architectural technician

Construction and building
Collect and organise the technical information needed to make sure a new building can be constructed