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Architectural technologist

Construction and building
Decide on the right technology, materials and processes to design a building for the best production and performance.

Dental technician

Give people stronger, straighter teeth by designing and making devices like dental braces and bridges.

Aircraft maintenance engineer

Check aeroplanes and helicopters in between flights to make sure they will fly safely.

Clinical engineer

Create medical technology to help injured and disabled people enjoy better health and greater independence.

Engineering maintenance technician

Look after and fix electrical and mechanical equipment used in industry, from factories and power stations to aircraft and escalators.

Engineering operative

Put together different parts to make products such as cars, household appliances, gadgets and furniture.

Concept Artist

Design, arts and crafts
Play a key role in creative projects in film, advertising and videogames –using your artistic skills to help visualise people, places, creatures and more.


Heritage, culture and libraries
Organise collections of historical records and documents so that they are easy for people to study and enjoy.

Medical illustrator

Design, arts and crafts
Use your artistic skills to create images for training healthcare staff and for medical research.


Design, arts and crafts
Use your artistic and technical skills to take photos at special events or for magazines, books or adverts.