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Food scientist or food technologist

Science, mathematics and statistics
Test food for safety and quality and find ways to keep food fresh for longer. Or you would invent new processes and products, such as fat-free food or meat-free alternatives.


Animals, land and environment
Study the seas and oceans to help us learn more about the marine environment, plants and animals.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Join the quest to understand the inner workings of the brain. Your research could lead to the next big breakthrough in treating brain disease and mental illness.


Diagnose, prevent, treat and study illness by looking at cells and tissue samples from patients and dead bodies.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Research new drugs and medicines, and make sure they are used safely.

Environmental consultant

Animals, land and environment
Assess the impact of industry on the environment and tell businesses how to be greener.


Security, uniformed and protective services
Protect and save people and property from fire and other dangers, by responding to emergency situations. Give people advice to help prevent fires.

Head brewer

Manufacturing and production
Direct the beer production process in a brewery.

Merchant navy rating

Security, uniformed and protective services
Work on board a ship, doing tasks like loading cargoes, maintaining the engines and looking after passengers.

Nuclear engineer

Keep a nuclear power plant running safely and producing energy for people to use at home and at work.