Financial services

Industry Sector


Think working in financial services is all about knowing the ins and outs of banking? Think again. Scotland’s financial services industry offers a wide range of career opportunities. You could be working as an insurance claims handler, an accountant or financial advisor. There are also roles in supply chain management, marketing and ICT.

Scotland is renowned for its strength in financial services and offers fantastic opportunities for people with all levels of experience and education. Whether you’re fresh out of school, a university graduate or considering a career change, you could find your dream job in finance.

Many roles come with excellent salary and benefits packages, as well as the offer of training to progress your career further. There are also excellent prospects of working in different locations as you develop your career.

The industry now

Around 86,600 people are employed in the industry in Scotland

Scotland is recognised as the most important UK financial centre outside London and the South East

Around 50% of those working in the industry are involved in banking

Employment in asset management has grown by 27% since 2009

The future

Digital skills will be in demand as changes in technology lead to new ways of interacting with customers and analysing the market

Customer service roles will continue to be important, especially with the development of new technology like banking apps

Risk management and compliance will be increasingly in demand

*Skills Investment Plan for Scotland's Financial Services Sector