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Teacher — Secondary School — Art and Design

Job category: Education and training

Help young people to learn about different styles and forms of visual arts and inspire and motivate them to create their own artworks.

  • Art and Design

Textile designer

Job category: Design, arts and crafts

Create designs and patterns for woven, knitted and printed fabrics used to make products such as clothes and furniture.

  • Art and Design

TV or film assistant director

Job category: Performing arts and media

Organise and plan everything on set, leaving the director free to deal with the creative side.

  • Art and Design

TV or film director

Job category: Performing arts and media

Take charge of the production of a film or TV programme and make the creative decisions that will guide the crew.

  • Art and Design

VFX artist

Job category: Performing arts and media

As a VFX artist you’d use software to create animations and special effects.

  • Art and Design

Video editor

Job category: Print and publishing, marketing and advertising

Bring together pictures and sound to produce a finished piece for film, TV or the internet.

  • Art and Design

Virtual reality designer

Job category: Computing and ICT

Design people, places, tasks and experiences, then work with a developer to turn it into an immersive experience that blurs the lines of reality.

  • Art and Design

Visual merchandiser

Job category: Retail and customer services

Create eye-catching displays and store layouts to help bring in more customers.

  • Art and Design

Wall and floor tiler

Job category: Construction and building

Cover walls or floors with tiles in homes and businesses in order to make rooms attractive as well as watertight.

  • Art and Design

Wardrobe assistant

Job category: Performing arts and media

Help to make and look after the costumes used by actors in a TV show, film or play.

  • Art and Design